Games people play

I will save you

i will fix you

i can mend you

i can bend you

i can break you

i can take you

i can blame you

but i cannot hate you~

Games people play

seeking solace

seeking solace- by E.H.Cato


I turn over the ground the sharpen stones

with barren hands. i yearn for the simple gemstones

composed of rose quartz, amethyst, tigers eye, sea shells

i grab up fistfuls of grassy dirt

a five leaf clover drops into my lap.

i had never heard of one before.

i dig some more

outside of the virgin marys stone chapel.

i’m seeking solace

carved by bre boned hands.

i dig even deeper to find

the remains of my true lovers heart-

ripped apart

bloodied by battle scars.

i wonder aloud about my dipshit divorce

about why my marriage failed?

of why i am – was- is -am -always

never good enough

for love

or semi precious gemstones

at least i kept

the five leaf clover.

seeking solace