how stupid can you be?

how stupid can you be i ask myself quietly inside?

i knew all along the real family drama was the alcoholism and the beatings. Why did i let them blame it all of me?

i still let them. now as if waking up from a 15 yr dream i realize it was only a dream in my minds eye. My hubby treated me much the same way my father always did with constant disrespect, intimidation, anger and fear.

I think when your a small female you interpret these things differently. you see your mom trying to calm down your dad and you think woman must do that than calm men down, save men, rescue men.

is it not wonder after 11 yrs of dating and four of marriage that this last assult by far the most violent would convince me to end this marriage.

trust me- i want my crazy stickers back, better to be born crazy dumb and stupid then to choose to remain a victim in the center of an abusive circle, because then you choose tht damned circle, you were not born different just treated different always less than never good enough.

how stupid can you be?

5 thoughts on “how stupid can you be?

  1. Thank you Celestine my friend. I knew somebody like you would believe-just his family and my family-they do not believe. We saw the divorce attorney this morning though. hubby and his sister are paying for the divorce seems fair since i paid over $3,000 for the entire wedding four years ago myself. Funny and strange the way things end. yes i got one email from you-did you send another? much blessings peace and love, emily


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